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a wet storm heading our way. punishment for the silver spring rate besht -- silver spring rapist. a major poll just released, who may be pulling ahead? outrage over a drive by in the heart of the district. >> i cannot remember a scene
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like this in some time. >> the search for the victims killer. captioned by the national captioning institute a neighborhood on alert and police force in pursuit of a killer. the deadly drive-by in broad daylight at a funeral. this happened ioon u street. jaye corp. is live with reaction. -- jay korff. >> right in front of this church as a funeral was ending the violence erupted between rival gang members and a young man named jamal coates was killed. a local community leader said he was doing everything he could to avoid violence. >> to have it end like this today is heartbreaking. >> jamal coates lost his life to violence only moments after the funeral of ashley mcrae ended.
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a cruel irony. >> it has to at some point stop. >> as the funeral was coming to a close, inside the church an argument erupted between rival gang members gathering outside. authorities say a vehicle fled the scene and a couple blocks later that car flipped after colliding with another. jamal coates was in the vehicle and died at the scene. his is a story of a young man who tried to turn his life around. >the commissioner who works with at risk you spent eight weeks in guatemala with caites. >> i viewed him as a kid on the
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rise. he had come to grips with what he had done in the past. >> there were many people who did everything they could to remove jamal coates from the environment that claimed his life. authorities tell me an autopsy will be necessary to determine if jamal coates died by a gunshot or the car crash. there was a survivor in that vehicle and he is speaking with investigators. right now police are searching high and low for multiple suspects. justice for the victims of the man knows at -- known as the silver spring rapist. fletcher worrell was convicted in dozens of attacks. >> the reality is this serial rapist could be responsible for
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29 sexual assaults in montgomery county. dna links him to nine rapes. today he was convicted of one of those rapes 20 years later. this is the face of the man dubbed as the silver spring rapist. it was not until several years ago that dna linked fletcher worrell to 25 rapes. >> there is a comfort level involved. >> he targeted women who were home alone and made his way through a window and attacked armed with a gun. we met one of his victims. >> he threatened my child's life if i screamed again. >> it is believed he first attacked a woman in 1973 in manhattan. he raped at least nine women in montgomery county. a jury found him guilty of rape
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in the first degree for one of those attacks. >> he broke into a home where a woman was in the house along with a child. we are hopeful this conviction will result in a sentence which means he will never walk the streets again. >> he lived in the d.c. area until the early 1990's. many local women are called those alarming years. >> i remember being shocked. i wished he was caught and punished. >> worrell is already serving sentences in new york and new jersey. he is eligible for parole in 2020. today's conviction in shores he will continue to do hard time in maryland. he faces life in prison when he is sentenced here next month. >> we are on storm watch tonight as the region is bracing for a serious rainfall. we could be looking at some
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flooding. >> bob ryan is tracking the storm. >> it is a storm that is closer to cuba and to washington, but it will bring some heavy rain by late tomorrow. right now on doppler, nothing in the weather center, nor will there be later tonight. tomorrow morning will start out drive-by you can see where this area is. a tropical depression possibly becoming a tropical storm, but that is an indication of all the moisture that will be coming up the east coast. there are already flood watches for the carolinas. here are your headlines, a cool morning tomorrow morning. we may see some sprinkles in southern maryland, but a very wet day coming up on thursday. possibly even some flooding coming up on thursday. a big development in
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battleground maryland. a new poll shows martin o'malley with a pretty substantial lead over bob ehrlich. the poll was just released tonight. o'malley has and 11. advantage. of ehrlich -- o'malley has an 11 point advantage. the poll numbers had the two in a dead heat. this margin of error has 3.5%. a former president is about to give barbara mikulski a helping hand. bill clinton will be headlining a campaign fund-raiser. he will speak on behalf of barbara mikulski in bethesda. democrats are making a nationwide election day pushed by going back to school. younger voters played an important role in president obama's victory.
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members of his administration are trying to hit pay dirt again. >> put your hands together for the hon. kathy [unintelligible] >> kathleen sebelius joked she was the president's warm-up act, rallying students at maryland. >> we cannot let this country fall backwards because the rest of us did not care enough to fight. the stakes are too high for our country. >> their attempt to recapture the energy of young people who turned out in droves in 2008 is proving difficult. >> everyone was really exciting about obama getting elected. >> it is not a presidential election, it is just a local election. >> even with a heated race for governor, many young voters say they are simply less motivated. in the most recent poll just 55%
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of young people said they are certain to vote in november compared to more than 78% of older voters. >> we don't have one inspiring figure we can rally behind. >> the president's message, is named a -- may not be on the ballot but his agenda is on the line. >> tim kane also held events today -- ti mkaine -- tim kaine. >> jimmy carter will be bound for washington despite a brief health scare. he is expected to be released tomorrow morning. carter is scheduled to speak about his days at -- days as president at gw. a father receives a shock when he goes to make a sandwich. >> we will show you what he
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found. >> cell phone crackdowns. why the law is already in place. >> gloria estefan's climb out of a window. >> there are too many deer roaming around or the va.
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a showdown over a certain kind of population control in fairfax county. >> they planned to use bow hunters to bring down the deer population.
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>> it is not at all unusual to see deer here. is so common fairfax county says something has to be done. signs warn drivers to be on the lookout as communities have sprung up around with portions of fairfax county, so have the number of deer collisions. >> in the past year i have had a deer fly in front of my car. >> i have only hit one but i have seen six on this street that have been hit. >> the deer population has grown to more than 100 per square mile. >> you tend to get decree's visitation -- decrease vegetation. >> conservationists survey at 6000 residents and many find hunting should be allowed at
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many parks. they are dear, they are not hurting anybody. >> you can be over populated and it can be dangerous. >> bow hunters will use air rose to kill deer. a strategy that is safer for people but some residents have questions. >> i don't think there has ever been a history of a bowhunting fatality. >> that does not seem humane to me. >> the hunting will not just be a free-for-all. those who want to hunt in the parks will have to apply and go through an archery proficiency test. then they might be granted a
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permit to come out. 7 is on your side with a new twist over the debate over cell phones while driving. a new auto insurance study finds banning texting maybe -- may cause more crashes. drivers are lowering their phones so police can not see them. the law goes into effect this friday. gloria estefan was forced to make an escape during sunday's miami dolphins game. she and others were locked in their suite, socially took off her high heels and climbed out of the window and climbed over to the suite next door. she got out just in time to introduce enrique iglesias.
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an unwanted surprise for a british father making sandwiches for his children. he first bought a dark spot in the bread was just del and then he noticed the fur. a dead mouse had been baked into a loaf of bread. the supermarket chain will pay a hefty fine. it is extra protein. >> the things you observe. as part of the science and technology festival, i was fortunate enough to be there with a local nobel laureates. he was talking about low temperatures and did a lot of fun things with the liquid nitrogen.
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there is a scientist that [unintelligible] he really shared some of his excitement about science. on the mall in october there is a complete science and technology festival. he also shared the nobel prize with dr. stephen chu. that will be at the u.s. engineering festival on the mall october 23. stop by if you are interested. you can see all sorts of neat things. our neat thing, the temperature is above average, 84 degrees. we still have that humidity along the east coast. it hardly feels like september. this september running way above average. five degrees above average. there is that train in the
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atmosphere. look at the heavy rain down to our south. some spots in florida have had over an inch of rain. there are flood watches into north carolina. look at the rain fall around our area. there is not much rain in bowie. probably by thursday you could see two-3 inches of rain. over two inches in florida. fort lauderdale had over an inch of rain. as that moisture comes up late tomorrow night, that means into new england there could be very heavy rain. not a tropical storm but a lot of leftover tropical moisture. tomorrow when you get up temperatures will be around 60 degrees. rather mild but a comfortable day. late tomorrow some of those sprinkles will be coming our way.
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temperatures into the mid 70's. the real rains come in tomorrow night and thursday along with some gusty winds. i think many spots will be looking at 2-3 inches of rain. right around the district and probably towards the blue ridge, some spots could look at four inches of rain. very likely there will be flood watches tomorrow, but the bulk of it on thursday. >> he washed that liquid nitrogen out of your hair -- you washed that out of your hair? >> teo well-known performers worked for a good cause. capital one bank. they're everywhere. yeah, you're right! ♪
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tonight on "nightline," a
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series of new terrorist attacks overseas. >> it was a glamorous evening in downtown washington for a good cause. ♪ >> this opera singer displayed her vocal talent to celebrate catholic charities 100 years of service. she performed with students from the duke ellington school of arts and maureen bunyan was the emcee of this concert. >> that had to be a lot of fun. >> maureen bunyan gets all the greatest. how stunning did maureen looked? she always does. there is a lot of chatter about donovan mcnabb and michael vick. the camps and bruins battle in the phone bruce -- battle in the phone booth.
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we make it simple to manage your finances. what's your story? citibank can help you write it. the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> the washington wizards have had two practices in the last 24 hours. training camp is in high gear. john wall is everything you have
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read about. he was awaiting 3's. look at how much fun he is having. he loves to play and we know he has a serious side. >> probably knows what we are doing as well as anyone. he has an enthusiasm. funny how quickly he is picking things up. >> pro football, upset alert. i am picking the redskins over the eagles sunday in philadelphia. donovan mcnabb will get booed. michael vick has played well. the eagles have not played anyone. this game will all be about the court backs. >> -- it will be about the
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quarterbacks. >> at the end of the day you want to win a game, but the hype will not change anything. >> the capitals and bruins played in fight tonight. the best home record in hockey last year, alexander ovechkin had two assists. the third period belongs to the capitals. the final was 3-2. the nationals and phillies tied at one. adam dunn, here is the ball game. he gets an inside fastball and rips off one in the upper deck to beat the national league east champions. let's go to tampa up, orioles and rays. carl crawford just unloads on this pitch to deep right field. that is a souvenir.
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5-0 tampa. they shut out baltimore. tampa clinches its second playoff spot in three years. the cincinnati reds are headed to the post season for the first time in 15 years. the reds beat the astros to win the national league central. the reds are in. the new york yankees beat the blue trace -- beat the blue jays' six-one. october does not get better at than this. hope washington joins the party in the next several years. >> you are picking the redskins over the eagles? >> probably the only guy in washington.
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